Things that your marriage counsellor would not like you to know

Marriage Counselor
Marriage Counselor

When you marital relationship suffers from a “shake” and if you’re a person with constructive approach, then you would first like to give it a try before reaching any conclusion as in divorce. So the first step from your side is to take efforts at your end. When you can make out that these efforts are not working fine then you think of taking an “expert help”.

When you move to an expert who is a therapist or counselor or psychologist then you develop a lot of hope about your relationship getting revived. Sometimes, you may face a setback to know that there are a few things which your counselor would not be thrilled to share with you.

Read the following to know those things which you may be kept away from

  • Your efforts have no results

There are counselors who can make out from the first meeting whether or not the marriage would survive any longer. They still hide their thoughts form you, amazed? Even if you’re it doesn’t matter to them, because if they tell you the reality you will not approach him anymore. This is going to be a big blow to the counselor. After all they are not all in for social work, they have to earn their livings too.

  • Your secrets may be revealed

Although no court allows the counselors to get involved in a divorce proceeding, yet if you have fought with your husband in front of the counselor then your secrets may be leaked out. Even if it sounds unprofessional to you there is no way out. You’re caught if you don’t behave yourself in front of him. Never forget that he is a third person and shares one emotional bonding with you.

  • Your partner is liked more than you

Yes, this is true in quite a number of cases. When the counselor listens to the whole story of your then as a third person he may find your partner to be less at fault than you. Can he really say that to you? Never will he do so. He has to keep quiet and go on counseling you till the time he keeps getting money and you lose hope in the case.

  • You sometimes get obnoxious

Even if your counsellor makes out that you get obnoxious and unbearable at times he will never tell you on your face.

So these are a few things which your counsellor would hardly want to share with you.