Top failed celebrity marriages

Celebrity breakups

18th October: Celebrities seem to change their partners quite rapidly.

Celebrity breakups are becoming a common affair for whatever reasons they might be. And each day, a new celebrity couple announces ending its relationship.

What goes behind such failed marriages of celebrity couples leading to divorce?

Celebrity breakupsThe fact is that the rate of divorces among celebrities have gone up noticeably in the last couple of years. from Meg Ryan to Tom Cruise to Elizabeth Taylor, the list goes on and is endless.

Lets see some of the top celebrity couple splits—

  • Ashton Kutcher-Demi Moore—With the filing of divorce by Demi Moore, her marriage of six years came to an end with Ashton Kutcher in November last year. The reason cited by Demi for divorce shocked almost everyone. She said she was pained to end her  marriage with Ashton due to cheating by the latter.
  • Nicole Scherzinger-Lewis Hamilton—We got the news of split between Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger in October last year. And the reason for this shocking split was stated to be work commitments.
  • Danny DeVito—Rhea Perlman—After 30 years of wedlock, the couple announced their decision to part ways. And the culprit in this case seems to be the wandering eyes of Danny.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger—Maria Shriver—The year 2011 saw another shocking splits of celebrities when Maria Shriver announced filing her divorce in July, thus putting to an end their 25 years of matrimony.
  • Sienna Miller-Jude Law—After a brief span of 15 months of their reunion, Sienna Miller and Jude Law parted ways in February.
  • Kim Kardashian—Kris Humphries—Kris Humphries, an NBA Basketball player and Kim Kardashian broke up after only 72 days of $10 million wedlock in October last year.
  • Vanessa Paradis—Johny Depp—The latest Hollywood celebrity split has been of Vanessa Paradis and Johny Depp after fourteen years of marriage and two kids.
  • Ann Lopez—George Lopez—The year 2010 witnessed a celebrity split when Ann Lopez announced parting ways from George Lopez.
  • Marc Anthony—Jennifer Lopez—Seven year relationship of Marc Anthony with Jennifer Lopez came to an end in July with a mutual decision.
  • Gwen Harrison-Chris Harrison—May 2012 saw split of Gwen Harrison and Chris Harrison after 19 years of marriage.
  • Daniel Zelman-Debra Messing—Daniel Zelman-Debra Messing’s 10 year marriage came to a screeching halt in December last year.
  • Tim Robbins-Susan Sarandon—An abrupt ending to a 23-year-old relationship of Robbins and Sarandon shocked many. The couple did not marry but lived together.
  • Matt Smith—Daisy Lowe—Marriage of another celebrity couple suffered a breakup in 2011 when Daisy Lowe and Matt Smith announced they are no longer together due to hectic work commitments.