When to walk off from a Relationship


Being together means being with someone who loves you, who understands you, is with you in your happiness as well as in sad times.

At times even being in a relationship you might miss these emotions feelings and support. If you are experiencing a similar kind of situation with your partner, then please get up, it’s a wakeup call for you. You need to concentrate on the missing aspects of your relationship and look whether it is working out for you or not.

If the things are not going the right way and are expected to continue with the same problems then you need to take a hard decision before it turns ugly in the coming times. Such a situation demands you to sit back and make yourself understand that, this is the need of the hour and take courage to walk off from a wrong relationship.

You need to take this big step by taking off from a wrong person. No doubt it is very hard, but you really can’t punish yourself by sake of just continuing and wishing things to get fine with the passage of time. May be your real Mr. /Miss. Perfect is waiting for you there out somewhere while you are struck up with somebody wrong. If you are confused, here are some hints which may help you to identify and clarify your doubts:

Uneasy Communication: If you are finding a wall or a hitch to communicate with your partner, it is one of the signs indicating problem in your relation. Good communication is must in a relationship; one could just talk or share anything with each other and if it is missing due to awkwardness or business then it shows both are not just comfortable with each other.

Too much of Fighting: No doubts fights are part of a relation, as two people may differ at some point of time, but if fights are increasing day by day, it shows there is lack of understanding among the partners. Once in a while fighting is okay, but if it is a part of daily routine and makes situation tenser, then it is better to leave and move on with life.

Facing personal or physical abuse: In case your partner is abusing you physically. Then there is no point getting harassed by someone, as no one has right to behave with you in this way. It also shows there is no or little love left. So, if you are in bad relationship then there is no point staying up with it.