Whether to File Divorce or not?


whether to file divorceAre you pondering over the issue of whether to go for divorce or not? If your answer is positive, other things of your life are probably at stake.

Areas of your life which are being hampered:

1.       Your work – Your work may be at stake due to lack of concentration.

2.       Other relations – Your friends and other relatives may sense your anxiety as well.

3.         Health conditions – Your health is being neglected if you are not eating well, or are not exercising or consuming excessive alcohol due to depression and anxiety.

When people prefer to stay together than getting divorced:

Many couples prefer to stay together for the long period of time they have spent together. This plays a major role in taking decision regarding whether to go for a break up or not.

It is easier for younger couples to go for divorce and get married again than for people staying together along with children for a decade or more.

Points to be considered:

The following issues are to be considered before taking the major decision –

1.       Are you really unhappy? If you want a divorce as you are unhappy, being single might increase your unhappiness.

2.       Whom does your divorce affect? Consider the effects of your divorce on your children. Kids get affected negatively by divorce and this will also have an impact on their attitude towards their marital relations. It will affect your children’s sense of security and might lead to lack of trust, and other more serious issues.

3.       Whether the bond has really broken? If you are relieved without each other, it is a sign that you are detached from the marital bond.

4.      Is there any lack of respect in the relationship? One of the most important essentials of a happy marriage is respect towards each other. When it is missing, your relation is at stake.

5.       Are any of you being unfaithful? Infidelity is very dangerous for a marriage to subsist, but having the affair is not enough. There must be some move to get out of the marriage coupled with adultery to break the bond.

6.       Do either of you have an uncompromising attitude? If either of you have an uncompromising attitude in terms of your desires, then it might be a sign that your marriage is about to come to an end.

7.       Is there a lack of communication? If you no longer communicate with each other, it can be solved by starting communication. But if you have reached a point where there is a lack of desire for intimate exchange in your relation, it is a bad sign for your marriage.