Why do Celebrity Marriages End in Divorce?


CelebDivorceWe say marriages are made in heavens, but can the same be said about celebrity marriages? The institution of marriage, on the whole, is heading towards its demise and even celebrity couples are filing their divorce petitions. The general divorce rate has reduced to 40 per cent over the last ten years and will continue to decline because of the living together concept. However, celebrities divorce their spouses faster than they get married.

Celebrity couples are supposed to be the role models of many and if they split it would affect the lives of their fans. Most people relate their lives to that of their favorite celebrities and if their marriages don’t work, they lose hope even in their own marriages. Celebrity divorces may also be a source of entertainment for some; but the reasons argued for these splits are incredibly conspicuous and commonplace.

Bewitched by Beauty

Movie stars have to engage in intimate scenes, dance routines and make-outs and many a time arguments on such matters lead to strained relationship with their spouse. For a celebrity, these scenarios are part of their job description, but it may be too much for the spouse to handle. Such invigorating scenes may entice the star to extend the scenes off-camera particularly when they are away from their partners. Temptation is part and parcel of the glam-glitz industry and many fall prey to its beguiling looks.

Green with Envy

Whatever happens in the professional life may take a toll on married life. Celebrity’s spouses are subject to jealousy when they see their significant other in intimate scenes with several attractive personalities. This may lead to a breach of trust that results in the ruin of their marriage.

Fairest of All

Just like Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection, some stars may let stardom go to their heads and get obsessed with the screaming fans, fan mail and paparazzi. The spouse then feels small, neglected and poorly matched with the more popular partner.

Busy as a Bee

The limelight may break the strongest of marriage bonds. The celebrity life is busy and they have to work their fingers to the bone. This involves travelling and being rushed off one’s feet. In cases where the couples have children, one parent is required to stay with the kids. This physical distance between the pair cause emotional frustration, lack of sexual satisfaction and the feeling of being alone or left behind.

Snowball Effect

In certain cases marrying and divorcing the other may be nothing more than a publicity stunt. In several occasions, it has been noted that the couple may have decided to move on, get divorced and have been living separately for a long period of time, but they have been waiting for a suitable date and time to announce their divorce for media hype.

Buckling under Pressure

Celebrities are also humans just like anyone else. However, their lives often move at fast forward and are always in full public view. This can cause undue stress and strain on their bond, they fall forward under pressure and leads to a failed relationship.