Why do couples split after staying in a marriage for decades?

Couples split after staying together for years
Couples split after staying together for years

They stayed together for 30 long years, and now they are heard of parting ways. News like this could bring surprises for many who have known this couple for years. It would bring an amaze on every such person’s face that saw their relationship beginning, blooming, maturing and now coming to an end which was not expected, at least after so many years of their marriage.

Splitting after so many years

A study conducted in USA shows that most of the divorces take place when people are in the age range of 45 to 60 years.

The age shows that they must have been staying in the marriage for not less than a decade and could have stayed in a marital relationship even for 30 years or more.

A sudden decision or pending thought

When a couple decides to bring their relationship to an end after having stayed together for so many years, the question rises about the fact, if it was something that they always wanted to or something that has surfaced only recently.

Relationship experts believe that a big decision like divorce cannot be an overnight thought. However, it could be a thought that might occur not too long ago.

Holding back from divorce for years or getting divorced so late

There could be much reason for holding back the decision of getting divorced:

  • Silent adjustment: Couples do keep waiting for years silently, even though they are not happy with each other.
  • Financial dependence: One of them could be dependent on the other and hence, they fear the availability of resources needed for their survival.
  • Children: The couples who know that children are going to be the worst sufferers would certainly not allow them to get exposed to the damaging effect of divorce.
  • Maturity: With time both the spouses grow two different individuals and hence the passion could come down, the thought process could differ significantly. At a time when they realize that they are not compatible with each other anymore they decide to break up.

Ways to avoid such a situation in life

When a couple observes that such a situation is coming closer in life, the first thing they need to do is to make a communication with each other.

They need to make an evaluation so that this kind of devastation could be stopped.

They can consider staying away From each other for some time, so that they can refresh their love and passion for each other.

They can always start from the beginning and make sure that they give another chance to life.

Breaking up is difficult, and especially at a time when one is on the other side of the age. Divorce would harm both of them equally because no one wants to be alone when you need a company more than ever before. However, with efforts one can always revive things and avoid experiencing something as destructive as divorce.