Did she cheat on me to get me a job?

She lost her virginity just to help me get a job and without letting me know. How could one get better love than this?




You met and dated a girl when you were in the university, she was a virgin when you met her, and you both agreed not to have sex until your wedding night. The both of you graduated but were jobless for four years. However, after many years of suffering, she later secured a job for you in one big company where you were paid close to £900,000 per month. Things were going well with the relationship and you finally proposed marriage to her, she accepted but after few seconds, tears start rolling down her cheeks. You asked her what the problem was; she said ”Am sorry love, I am no longer a virgin. I gave my virginity to your boss before he accepted to employ you in his company. That was the only condition he gave me before you were employed or you remained jobless. Did she cheat on him?

Assuming you are this guy, what will be your reaction? And for the ladies, can you do this for love?

Please send this to many, and see what they reply you. Its a topic for discussion.

If you be the Guy

So!!! I found myself in one of those situations in life where one goes numb. I feel a loss. I find myself in a very helpless state today. I am neither angry nor sad… I could have been either or both but it’s hard to figure out what state, my mind is in. I am not going to let my girl go. She did not cheat one me, she is the only one, I can count on – even after, what all happened, has happened. No, she did not cheat on me, definitely not.

I feel proud of this woman and I feel full of pride to be her man too. I am fortunate to have found her as my soul mate for life. But what I can’t stop wondering about is what all life can make one do. I do feel unworthy of not being able to find work, more so because the only great job I got has been possible at this huge cost.

The even bigger question that remains is what should I do now? Shall I go to work? I don’t have it in me to face my boss – “Out of shame.” My woman gave me the greatest of happiness but now what? I feel like a victim and a victimiser both at the same time.

The storm of questions and feelings is making me just too confused right now and I know finding answers would be difficult. It’s just me who needs to reach a conclusion.

Would it be the right thing to quit the job?

The job for which my girl sacrificed her sanctity. She has made me indebted for life.

While I remain on the planned leaves, I think I am just going to be with my thoughts. Trying to figure out a way out of this cloud of thoughts that make everything appear so blurred.

And the biggest of all things, while my own state of mind remains so blurry, I have to comfort this woman also who is so madly in love with me and whom I love a lot too. It is said that time heals the wounds although everything seems meaningless and I don’t think I can trust anybody, let alone a saying of all time, I am going to leave it to time to heal me mentally and emotionally. I plan not to resign from work but be on leave for some time at least.

I guess no matter how we work to make a life for ourselves but challenges come uninvited.

So sometimes one has to take a back seat and let life, nature and Karma decide what holds next for you in your life. My woman is an inspiration for me and I promise myself to stay loyal and by her side throughout our lives for sure.