Indira Gandhi- ruthless politician or a suave lover – her love life and politics

Indira Gandhi- was a ruthless politician and a suave lover. She openly admitted that she is not a saint.

Indira Gandhi- was a ruthless politician and a suave lover
Indira Gandhi- was a ruthless politician and a suave lover

Indira Gandhi – the only female Prime Minister of India equally loved both – the men and her country. Her biographies talk about her love affairs and the personal life she had. What was Indira Gandhi- a ruthless politician or a suave lover

Indira's only moment of honesty- when she admitted she is not a saint
Indira’s only moment of honesty- when she admitted she is not a saint

The nature of biographies of famous personalities is such that they have the strength to expose and demolish what those deceased people actually had in their lives.

The Gandhi and Nehru families have had held a strong ground in the Indian political system since the very beginning. Even after a lot is known about their personal loves but nothing was ever published or publicly spoken about it. Whether it is Jawaharlal Nehru or Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi or for that matter their ancestors as well – all of them have had a life full of shocking facts that were revealed by their close ones later when they were not alive or in power.

Indira Gandhi – The all time powerful politician

Indira Gandhi - was a clever manipulator- The largest defection ever in India's history in Haryana was her brain child
Indira Gandhi – was a clever manipulator- The largest defection ever in India’s history in Haryana was her brain child

Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi was always a powerful central figure and politician of the Indian Congress party who rose to become the only female Prime Minister of India. She followed the footsteps of her father in every facet of life whether it was politics or even personal life. Jawaharlal Nehru, till date is the longest serving PM of India seconded by his own daughter Indira Gandhi. Like father, like daughter goes well for this dad-daughter duo who always had an influential role to play in the Indian politics as well as history.

Their Indian political life is what has been open to all since forever but there long rumoured and whispered about love lives were made public only post their death in biographies, interviews and through various other medium. The Nehru and Gandhi dynasty tree appears to be so complex that one really needs to apply his/her brain in identifying who is related to whom in what way.

A ruthless leader- the murder of Judge of High Court who decided against her and death of Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri still remain shrouded in mystery- Indira Gandhi was known for her political ruthlessness and unprecedented centralization of power that led to Indian victory over Pakistan and the formation of Bangladesh. She succeeded Lal Bahadur Shastri to become the Prime Minister of India in 1966 by defeating her rival Morarji Desai with ease.

Indira Gandhi and her rumoured love life

The biographies written post Indira Gandhi’s death reveals surprisingly shocking facts about her personal life. It is said that she has had an inclination towards having lot of men in bed. She believed in responding to the men with her skin rather than wasting time in other ways. She had a normal sex life however the conservative furore that our side of the world has could never accept it as it is.

Indira Gandhi and Feroze Khan’s Marriage

Indira Gandhi married a Muslim who was named Feroze Gandhi only to not to lose Hiduu vote bank

Feroze Khan, the son of Nawab Khan of Allahabad used to visit Anand Bhawan with his father, who was a wine supplier to her ancestral house at Allahabad. Indira Gandhi and Feroze Khan fell for each other during these visits at Anand Bhawan. The news about Nehru’s daughter having an alliance with the son of Nawab Khan was communicated to the father by the then Governor of Maharashtra however nothing could stop them from getting together.

Indira Gandhi aka Maimuna Baigum and Feroze Khan got married in London. Indira Gandhi changed her name to Maimuna Baigum before finally getting married to Feroze Khan. When Nehru was informed of the same, his anger and annoyance levels rose high since this marriage would have had resulted in a political suicide for him. With the fear of general public’s upheaval, he made Feroze Khan change his name to Feroze Gandhi before they finally came back to India.

The Oxford University expelled Indira Gandhi for her unmeritorious performance and later joined Shantiniketan University under Rabindranath Tagore but she was unable to rise to the expectations there as well.

Indira Gandhi and Mohammad Yunus


Sanjay Gandhi, as is commonly known, was Indira Gandhi’s son but not of Feroze Gandhi. Indira’s inclination towards men led her to get involved with some Muslim boy Mohammad Yunus and Sanjay Gandhi was born to a Hindu mother and Muslim father. With the advent of this romantic alliance, Indira Gandhi and Feroze Gandhi started living separately but did not get divorced.

The controversial book “Persons, Passion and Politics” written by Mohammad Yunus reveals too much about Indira’s personal life. It also says that Sanjay Gandhi (original name Sanjiv Gandhi – he got his name changed when he was caught in a case of car theft in UK) was even circumcised as per Muslim customary rituals and Mohammad Yunus got the shock of his life when he heard about Sanjay Gandhi’s death in a plane crash.

Indira Gandhi and her other affairs

Her vigour and vitality always made her fall into love with some man or other whether it was her English teacher at Shantiniketan or M O Mathai, her father’s secretary or her Yoga teacher, Dhirandra Brahmchari and last but not the least with the Foreign Minister, Dinesh Singh. All these love affairs of hers were exposed in the book “The life of Indira Nehru Gandhi” by Katherine Frank.

Her position backed by power and fame kept her romantic life personal but the fact is truth doesn’t stay hidden for long.

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