Being Intimate – Consequences


Crush over the other individual apart from partner and cheating in relationship is always been argumentative issue. Being attractive towards others is normal psychology and it cannot be avoided because individual often fails to make judgmental decision when they become passionate about someone.

Being Intimate

Being Intimate -infidelity

For people engaged in committed relation, engagement with any other relationship is affirmed to be less attractive. It has been argued that committed individual, derogating alternatives to engage and form other relationship, as it is important to remain committed in their original relationship. If someone is engaged in extra relationship, it is perceived as harmless but for other counterpart it could be cheating. Empirically various research argued over the aspect that the reason for inclining high attractiveness over others is reflected to be the awareness of an individual over the alternatives.

Moreover, it has also been empirically proven that if one remains satisfied with relationship for them extra relationship is less attractive. The attribute of personal response of an individual in any particular environment determine possibility of their engagement in other relationship. This stimulus include characteristic of partners, personality traits, and level of satisfaction in their existing relationship. Notably, based on research on the cheating practice, it has been affirmed that sexual infidelity in women if they are more qualified over their counterpart.

On the other hand, women are less philanders, if male counterpart is qualified over them. However, it has also been argued that one with the Avoidant Attachment Style identifiably does not give more importance over cheating practice. In case of dissimilarity in the partners attitudes over the aspect of cheating in such circumstances the relationship strife for long period.

Satisfaction level in the current relation and dysfunctional impulsivity alter the perception of an individual and attracted towards others. In various scenarios, anxiety over intimate performance with their existing partner drives male counterpart in couple to get attracted over other. On the other hand, relationship emotional aspect is identified to be major predictor in prospect of female cheating. In addition, hormonal factors also determine the possibility of cheating, as men seek excitement are more likely to engage in arousing events such as illicit affairs.

Apparently, the male having high level of IQ acknowledged to attach with intimate exclusivity. For instance, intimate exclusivity values is apparently been given importance by the intelligent boys in the young age in comparison to less intelligent boys. It has been scientifically proven that intelligence level determine the value over sexual exclusivity is four time higher in the male over the females.