Can your relationship emerge out to be even stronger after infidelity?

Stronger reunion after infidelity

Stronger reunion after infidelity
Stronger reunion after infidelity

It may, as experienced and informed by many relationship experts. There are a large number of people who see a brighter side of “Infidelity” and they believe that a relationship could turn out to be a better one if one of the two spouses gets emotionally diverted for some time.

Why do they get into a new relationship?

  • It could be due to boredom and monotony which being in a relationship for a long time could bring.
  • It could be due to inadequate availability of one of the partners’ due to a busy or a hectic schedule.
  • It could be also due to ignorance from one of the partners.
  • It could be due to momentary attraction towards a person who is in close proximity.

Does it mean the couple is not in love?

Falling for someone else does not mean that a couple is not in love with each other. They may still be loving and respecting each other but there could be a diversion or a loss of interest.

Sometimes, the affection, respect, understudying and even love get overshadowed by various other factors. It gets supressed by the local needs of an individual and sometimes couples start taking each other for granted. They become too confident about each other and hence they feel too secured to bother about their partner’s feelings when they fall for a new person in life.

How can it help to revive a relationship?

When one of the two falls in love which could be infatuation too, then the relationship could be revived in two ways.

  • The one who fell in love is likely to suffer from guilty conscious and hence when he or she realizes the same, there is sincere effort to wipe the writing off. This person who is supposed to be “wrong” would actually do everything possible to please the partner and would suffer from the pain of cheating him or her. The regret in this person would make him or her better partner than ever before.  He or she would be aware of the pain which has been given to the partner so he or she makes every possible effort to soothe up the relationship.
  • The person who has been hurt would also realize somewhere his or her own mistake. There could be guilt from this side too, because he may be binding himself for things that have gone wrong. And here from sincere effort starts to make the partner happy and ensure that the relationship gets stronger.

Infidelity is supposed to be one of the worst experiences of life, because of the pain and rejection it brings along. However, it may also help two individuals to tighten up their bond and make it even stronger. The period when they are emotionally away from each other, gives them a break and then allows them to be with someone else. During this lull there is a silent thinking going on in the hearts of both the spouses which somewhere deep down tells them to reunite with a greater bond.