Coping with Infidelity

Coping with Infidelity
Coping with Infidelity

One may come across various emotional disturbances in life; however, the most painful one is “unfaithfulness” from spouse.

And in most of the cases it is seen that it comes at a time when you down expect it the most. It leaves the bearer with a “devastating feeling’ and also turns the morale down.

The various emotional disturbances:

Anger: the first and foremost is the anger which one feels when comes to know that his or her spouse is in “connection” with someone else.

Rejection: There is a big possibility that one may feel rejected by the spouse by imagining that the place which was allotted for him or her is now being shifted to someone else.

Surprise: In many of the cases it is observed that the spouse trusts her or his partner to the extent that “infidelity” is the last thing for the person to believe. And when somebody experiences it, this could be quite a surprise too.

Betrayal: After you are over with your anger, you actually realise that your trust has been broken and you have been betrayed by the person you trusted the most.

Resentment: You are likely to develop resentment for your own marital relationship and for any such relationship due to the bitter experiment you have come across.

Can it be forgiven and forgotten?

They say that “infidelity” should actually not bring a marital cord to its end. As it is understood by many that it could be a temporary reaction through emotions and may not last for a longer period of time.

However, even if one thinks of forgiving the partner because of very many associated reasons, it might not be always possible to “forget” it all.

There are case studies wherein it is observed that the horrifying memories keep haunting a person for years, in fact for decades. And this is actually a tough task for the innocent partner to forgive and forget.

When and how does it haunt you?

Mostly, when you try to get intimate with your partner, you imagine someone else occupying he same space of yours in his or her heart and or mind. And this retracts from opening up even in the most intimate moments.

It is actually difficult for the person who has been cheated to forget, even if he or she forgives the spouse for the sake of relationship, or children or any other reason.

How can you help yourself?

You can think of taking help of an expert and deal with the problem the moment it initiates. Otherwise, you might land up dreaming about it whenever you try to get a deep sleep, or it may also hinder your efforts to bring the relationship back on track.

Infidelity is one experience a married person would never like to have. However, it does occur at some point of time or the other in life in spite of bets of efforts. In some cases it could be permanent or it could also be a temporary phenomenon, but, it always leaves a scar on the mind and the heart and hence the bond.