Does It Make Sense To Ignore Infidelity?

Does It Make Sense To Ignore Infidelity?

The statistics have shown that infidelity in America has increased since past 25 years. However, ignoring it is not the solution. Instead confronting the partner with proper plan can end the extramarital relationship immediately.

What Do The Figures Reveal?

According to survey more than 22 percent, married men commit adultery at least once in their marriage period as compared to 14 percent women. Chances of affairs with the co-workers are much higher and 36 percent people admit to be involved in a fling with the co-workers. Infidelity while on business trip (36 percent) and with close relations such as sister-in-law and brother-in-law (17 percent) has also been on the rise.

Does It Make Sense To Ignore Infidelity?

What is surprising is that although 90 percent Americans consider adultery morally wrong, only 61 percent believe that the cheater should be punished. Why is it so? Why do people shy away from facing the truth that their partner is emotionally and physically belongs to someone else and is just whiling away time with them? Reasons can be many, but it sure is not a good thing to ignore the infidelity as it can become a regular habit with your partner and you would be trapped in a relationship sans any love, care, and physical satisfaction. Certainly, you deserve much better than this!

Can you afford to let your spouse’s infidelity damage your life like that? If not, what should you do?

Here Are Some Tips That Can Help:

The first thing you do when you find out about the infidelity is let out your anger by shouting, abusing and in many other ways. The bottom line is that you are hurt and you want to hurt your partner, take revenge, and are afraid of losing him/her.

  • Instead of confronting him directly without any proof, try to investigate the matter a bit if someone else has told you about his infidelity.
  • Try to observe changes in his/her behavior and find out how seriously the involvement is.
  • Many times the relationship is just casual which can be ended with some smart moves.
  • Do not go all around your circle shouting about the infidelity.
  • Do not deny it to yourself. Denying it can be traumatic in the end.
  • Do not ignore the behavior of your spouse. If you continue to pretend that nothing is happening, it will serve as a go-ahead.
  • The longer you take to confront the truth with your partner, the more attached he/she will become with the third person in the relationship.

Secrecy is the prime reason why the relationship continues to thrive. Confronting it with a proper plan and evidence can give a jolt to the affair and your partner may decide to end it out of fear or shame.