Infidelity—domain of rich and famous only?

Infidelity among rich

7th August: Is infidelity just restricted to the rich and the famous or can it move beyond the boundaries of cast, color, creed or culture?

Whether the rich people have more tendency to infidelity or it is regardless of economic status, religion or culture, let’s try and discover the real side of the picture.

Do only the rich and famous cheat— A common notion is that it’s only the rich and the famous who have a tendency to cheat on their spouses. And this might make us believe that those ranking lower in terms or wealth or fame are not used to cheating on their better-halves.

Infidelity among rich But, that’s not the reality. In fact, it has been noticed that the rich celebs and other famous personalities do have their share of ups and downs in the family lives. But, it is because of their higher status and their popularity that such people’s affairs and infidelities become known to all and sundry.

Take, for instance, the example of Bill Clinton( a former US President), Jesse James, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the golf icon Tiger Woods. All of these are celebrities and wealthy.

Infidelity—not alien to poor economic status—Although, a handful of the above examples may create a myth in our minds that infidelity is more commonly found among the rich and the wealthy. However, the fact is that it has nothing to do with the caste, culture or economic status of a person.

And poorer people, especially women have a greater tendency to cheat as compared to their rich counterparts, stats an economist with Boston College, Donald Cox.

Infidelity and conservative culture—Infidelity is not an invention of a modern era. And nor is it absent even in highly conservative cultures. It has been in the earlier times and is still found. The only common thing about infidelity is that irrespective of the cultures, religion, or financial status of a couple, it plays havoc in the lives of both the spouses. It causes devastation in a relationship. Families get ruined and the damages are beyond repair.   We must consider the issue to save marriages from falling apart.