My wife is cheating me, what to do?


My wife is cheating me, what to do?I was having a glance my wife’s laptop, without her consent, to look for sending a mail, but something caught my eye. I usually give her privacy but she hates touching her mobile or computer, I did not know why. Accidentally I came across some of her received mails. Those were sent by someone very close to her whom I did not know. I discovered that she was having an affair.

This is the problem with many men. But they are too shy to seek for a remedy. The following suggestions would help them to know their legal rights in the matter.

What to do in such a case?

  1. Analyze your marriage: It is high time for you to seriously analyze your marriage. Try to find out how much will you allow each other before the marriage comes to an end.
  2. Go for counseling: if you still want to continue with the marital tie, go for marriage counseling. An affair is difficult to forget but one can do it if they want their marriage to work. If you are really serious with your relation, she has to leave her boyfriend. This can be achieved through counseling.
  3. Face your wife: First confront with your wife. Let her face you openly. Show the proof and her documents. In case she gives you an explanation regarding the reason she cheated and why she is continuing with her extra marital relation, tell her the possible consequences and let her react the way she wants.
  4. Give your wife a second chance: If you believe in the marital bliss, you can think of giving your wife a second chance. See whether she becomes successful in gaining your confidence for the second time in your life. If she succeeds in doing that, your marriage will surely survive. If you are able to forgive, also try to re-trust her as well.
  5. Keep the evidences: Keep the copies of all the emails, messages or all of the photos you see. These are going to be the evidences if you think of seeking legal remedy.
  6. Go to a lawyer: It is strongly recommended to seek legal help in the matter. Not for finding answers to your problems, but for your own protection if your wife legally approaches  first. Find a lawyer who is really trustworthy. A good lawyer can provide you with some every good pieces of advice.
  7. Think of divorce: Divorce can change your life a lot. So it is better give a serious thought to it. You should be prepared for all odds. Remember divorce is your last resort and after that you will not have anything left to do even if you repent later on.