Should we turn a blind eye to Infidelity for the Welfare of Our Children?


turning a blind eyeCheating spouses or Infidelity is a very common issue today. Sometimes  it causes break up of marriages. The marital relation  declines after the affair.

Why do people go for it?

People cheat to hurt the feelings of their partners and to catch their attention. Men and women are tempted to have an extra marital affair, so infidelity has become very common now-a-days.

At present there is a rise in infidelity in the society. But it can be very alarming at times especially when there are kids involved in the marriage which is being endangered.

Effects of infidelity:

When someone comes to learn that his or her partner is having an affair, it leads to a shock. The discovery that a spouse is having an affair often results in an emotional storm where communication becomes next to impossible.

There often comes jealousy as well as a sense of loneliness. One feels like being rejected. It becomes a loss of the relationship they thought they shared. The assumptions made by them regarding their partner, the meaning of their relationship and many other feelings get shattered.

The very thought of your other half loving someone else hurts. Infidelity raises the feelings of being abandoned. The person one trusted threatens his or her sense of security.

Infidelity in men is very common after a baby is born. In women is observed in many cases where the husband is unemployed.

Effects on children:

Infidelity in case of a married man having children can have tremendous effects. The arguments which neither of the spouses bothers to conceal before the children can result in a feeling of insecurity as well as depression upon them.

It induces such a panic that neither the spouses not their kids knows what to do. A sense of emotional chaos prevails in the minds of the children.

Both spouses spend all their energy in destroying each other rather without considering its effects on their children who are the worst sufferers.

Should we turn a blind eye?

Some people choose to turn a blind eye regarding infidelity.  Though they are aware about the cheating of their partner, they choose to stay normal as if nothing has happened. There are many reasons for the same. For some it is acceptable and for some it is not.
The most common reason behind choosing to turn a blind eye about infidelity is due to the children. They consider that the one who gets affected the most are the children.

Nobody wants their children growing up without a family. Though love is missing in the relation, the children are always a binding string between the two partners.

For many people the best option left for them is to turn a blind eye about infidelity.