The plight of a woman being cheated by her husband

Woman cheated by her husband
Woman cheated by her husband

Infidelity brings disaster to the entire family. And this is nothing new when it comes to a marital relationship. The way, the happiness of a family depends on both the spouses; the unhappiness can also be caused even if anyone of them goes wrong.

The impact cheating can throw on the family

When a man cheats his wife, he is not only causing damage to a woman, but, he is being unfaithful to the mother of his children. He is also being dishonest to a woman who has probably given up many of the things to shape up his house, to raise his children and to give him the happiness of having a family.

The impact it throws on the spouse

  • The self-esteem goes down of the woman who undergoes such a disheartening experience.
  • She feels cheated and regrets for contributing her life for making a family, especially for and a man.
  • She develops pain for the trust and confidence she had for this man.
  • She regrets for not reading through the signals hinting at her husband having an “affair”.
  • Every time she initiated for “physical intimacy” she received a “no”, and she took for his long day work which she repents now.
  • She kept telling her children that their “dad” is the most wonderful, honest and loving person on this earth, but, now she has lost face in front of them.

The impact it throws on the children

  • All these days, Mama told the kids that “dad’s” world revolves around them, but, now they can see their father having other priority in life.
  • The children received a happy upbringing from “Mom” and “dad” but now they might have to get prepared for “single parenting” too.
  • Now, they will often see their mother crying out for being cheated and hence they are going to miss the “smile” on their “Mum’s” face.
  • They are experiencing “infidelity” in an early age because their mother’s pain is certainly unbearable to them.
  • They are learning to hate their father and probably if it is a girl child then she might take time to accept a man when she grows up to be a lady herself.

The measures a woman can adopt after being cheated

  • She can think of taking up a course which can add value to her credentials and boost her confidence too, because in the entire episode the biggest loss for her is loss of confidence.
  • She can think of joining back office and hence start looking for a placement.
  • She can start socialising more now, because she needs to vent her emotions too.
  • She can explain her children about the situation and the pain she is undergoing, so that they don’t mistake her.

Undergoing cheating is one “dirty feeling” which can crack a person down from within. One may need some time to recover from it, and with women the biggest challenge is to take of children under any and every circumstances and then fight back her own pain.