Ways to ensure that your marriage survives betrayal

Reviving marriage after betraya
Reviving marriage after betraya
Reviving marriage after betraya

A survey indicates that only 10% of the marriages do not face betrayal from either or both the partners. Therefore, almost all the marriages are exposed to extra marital affair or infidelity in some way or the other.
Does it mean that the marriage breaks?

It probably does not because both the partners work upon the relationship and they look for ways to come out of it.

Some of the ways to recover your marriage from the post effects of extra marital affair are mentioned below:

When you say sorry you should mean it: When you realize that the way you cheated your partner is unethical and wrong then you must not take any time to think before apologizing. And when you submit yourself do not keep any hitch or pride or ego in mind. If you do so, it would show and your efforts would remain incomplete.

Analyse the gap: it is quite important that both of sit together and discuss the gaps your relationship could possibly have. Unless you do this there will always be a vacuum in your bond and you will be exposed to the risk of going wrong even in future.

Neither suffers from guilt nor takes it casually: if you drenched into the feeling of guilt then you are pressurizing yourself, if you are taking it lightly then you are not serious about reviving your relationship. You have to have a balanced approach.

Be prepared to face the worse: Your partner could react in any possible way, and you should be prepared to take it. Do not think it is over reaction because the blunder you have committed is equivalent to a sin and mercy for the same could be pricey.

Accept the delay: never expect your partner to start getting normal as soon as you apologize. There could be a delay because it is all about trusting you all over again. Hence, even if takes longer you have to be patient rather than again condign to be a slow process.

Be genuine in your efforts; Make sure that your actions speak volumes of your efforts and willingness to bring things on track. The process of alignment is only possible when you are genuine in your approach. If you try to act smart don’t forget that you will be caught, as it is there is a lack of trust so there is no point worsening the situation even further.

Don’t go to the past again and again: there is no point discussing the past again and again but you may have to listen to your partner’s thought if you really want her or him to forgive you.

This is true that when your relationship is adulterated then things may take their own sweet time to come back to normalcy. But, this is also true that a marriage can work out even if one of the partners has gone wrong. All you need is to take a pledge that you will remain honest to your spouse to maintain the integrity of your relationship.