5 Steps to Turn your Best Friend into your Girlfriend

how to turn your best friend into your lover
how to turn your best friend into your lover
how to turn your best friend into your lover

Fallen in love? Good. Fallen in love with your female best friend? Not so good. Such a situation can bring about a lot of confusion and tension in your life. You may face dilemma finding an answer to either express your feelings or no. Ironically, a lot of men in this world go through the same and find them selves’ stuck.

But good news, she is your best friend and has been with you for quite some time because she too gets some positive vibes from you. She too likes you, maybe just as a friend. And if you truly love her, you need to be aware of the feelings on her end so that you can take a step forward TOGETHER.

Here are some easy steps which can prove to be of great help in turning you both from just friends to a deeply in love couple:

  • Read her Mind

Before making any master plans, you need to know whether she feels for you in that tone. There is no doubt that she likes you but you need to locate the potential that liking carries and whether it can transform into love or no.

If you find it difficult, take help of a close mutual friend who might make her indirectly express her emotions.

  • Healthy Flirting

Once you know that you’re on a positive track, move a little ahead of the friendship talks. Flirt in a witty and healthy manner which makes her blush.

Make sure you do not offend her feelings or cross the line. Healthy flirting can prove to be your master key.

  • Show Care and Concern

Taking note of a girl’s little likes and dislikes is an undisputed thumbs up.  Be genuinely concerned of her problems and other situations she is facing.

Showing care and trying to help her out will help you gain the much needed limelight as she will surely think about it when you have sorted things right.

  • Hang out alone

Once you are sure that she has started to fall for you a little, try dressing up to your best and visit pretty places without a group of friends. Planning small picnics and other surprises for her is almost all what a girl wants.

Spending time with her alone will also help develop a level of intimacy between the two of you.

  • Ask her out

Without wasting too much of time over thinking, just take her out to a cozy, private restaurant and express your heart felt feelings in the way you find apt.

It is always okay to be casual or dramatic as far as you can woo your girl with it!