Bad Dating Experience? Don’t worry; better Dates are waiting for you


BAD DATEBoring conversations, unusual silence, unnecessary arguments — are these the things which prevailed your previous dates? Were you so bored that you could not wait to get out of the date?

Did your first date end up being the shortest date in history mostly consisting of outdated references related to you?  Every time you tried to change the focus of the conversation towards your interests, your partner came out with questions like “what is your favorite TV show?” Do not be depressed, it is a very common matter with many of us.

Do not let this dating experience put your dating crisis to shame. Better things are waiting for you in the near future.

A bad date is very common:

If you share your worst dating experiences with others, you will find that many of us have the same experiences in our past lives.

Many conversations in real life happen to be so awkward that we cannot help to feel embarrassment for them. But in case you have experienced this kind of disappointment repeatedly you may seek for professional help.

Find out what went wrong:

Find out whether you have communicated well before meeting your partner so that you have at least a mental picture of the person based on the kind of communication you had.

The normal response to a new situation is to try to guess what it is likely to happen and this is also true in the case of dating. The expectations we have often lead to the date being boring as reality is far from our fantasies.

Even if things do not go well on the first date it does not in any way mean that there is no hope for a good relationship.

Why do we get disappointed?

We draw the image of someone based on our first impression. When we have only seen a photo the real picture can give us a shock. This is due to the reason that a photograph is a non-living entity and often unnatural. Again the person may have changed in some respect recently. People choose their best photographs for their profile but none looks like a photograph at every point of time.

Again first dates are difficult as people get nervous. This makes them feel self-conscious and awkward and the conversation gets unnatural.

How things will get better?

Try to view a full version of the person and then decide whether to go for a date. If it is not possible and you go on a date and get disappointed upon meeting your match, if you are not misguided willfully, try to put your feelings to one side and judge your partner afresh. Do not compare with the image you had in your mind regarding the looks.