Changing concept of Relationship with the changing generation

Generation Y and their thoughts

The Millennial generation or well acquainted term Generation Y has a very different take on relationship especially on dating and love. Generation Y are generally born in the early years of 1980s -2000s,group belonging to this particular span of time have redefine the very term of love or it would be better if we call it a casual affair.

The changed meaning of emotions

Meaning of emotions and the concept of finding soul mate or love of life has undergone a distinct change which was never seen before. This generation Y can go to any extent to protect themselves and their happiness. They don’t like intrusion or invasion of their parents in their life. This generation is very tech savvy and it has affected this transformation a lot which wasn’t present in previous generation.

Changes in dating concept

The traditional dating system where guy use to ask the girl for date and he use to come and pick up the girl from her house and parents were aware of whom she or he is going with or having relationship but now whole concept has undergone through drastic change .

The honesty and to some extent stability in the relationship is somewhat lost its place which use to be in previous generation. Now dating doesn’t mean officially they are in relationship, now a days it’s basically attraction and fun more than compatibility or chemistry.

Generation Y doesn’t believe in searching for soul mate and going through hardships in life for the one they love, they want everything to be smooth and if not then they will move on in their respective life and again will search for some new partner.

The possible reasons for the changing attitude

This change in attitude and way of thinking that is visible in generation Y is actually due to certain reasons and one of the foremost reasons is the growing number of divorce cases and the unhappy family which they live in or had experienced from around. This made this Generation Y commitment phobic and somehow they have lost faith in love.

For this reason the number of living in relationship is growing all around world where partner are free to leave whenever they want to. With this emotional instability and impatience in relationship and in nature is evident in Generation Y which makes them violent in some cases.

Violence in relationship and dating abuse rate is growing as somehow girls are still emotional and they are so much pampered by guys initially that the sudden change in behaviour of guys are not accepted by the girls and they bear all physical abuse in hope that these guys will change. Very concept of Relationship has underwent drastic changes and unfortunately for worst.

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