Dating after divorce—Watch out for red flags

Dating after divorce--Red signs

10th July: Are you a newly divorced woman and thinking of dating now? Be wary of some common red flags.

After you have ended your married relationship by getting a divorce, you might be thinking of dating a guy. You may feel smitten by the charms or the sweet nature of the guy, but you need to be wary of hurrying into the dating process.

Yes, there are some red flags or warning signals that you must be aware of before proceeding with your decision of dating after divorce.

Let us see the red signals to be kept in mind

  • Talking about his ex—Does the man you are dating talk too much or too often about his ex? If yes, then you need to be wary of getting involved into a relationship with
    Dating after divorce--Red signs
    Dating after divorce–Red signs

    such a guy. Remember, it’s a clear red flag.

  • Lavish lifestyle—If the man you are dating exudes a flamboyant lifestyle by wearing fancy clothes, expensive accessories and driving luxury car(he often brags about his money), then he is the not the right type of man for getting into a relationship. Yes, all such characteristics are a sure sign of a red flag. He might be pretending about his wealth or money just to make an impression on you.
  • Too fast—If the man or the guy is talking too much in the first meeting(or through email/phone), then he might not be the right man for you to begin a relationship. Guys with such behavior are insecure and hence try to woo by sharing too much too soon.
  • Passive–Aggressive—Is the guy you are dating a passive-aggressive? If yes, then put a full stop to the dating at once before it’s too late. Some of the common characteristics of a passive-aggressive guy are—smiling while attacking you in the back all the time, seemingly too good to harm you in any way, or simply too good to be genuine.
  • Avoiding problems/issues—If the man you are dating often avoid dealing with any problem or any issues in a relationship, then you must smell something fishy. Such men are avoiders who will shy away from becoming responsible and rather seek unconditional nod to all their silly acts. You can never expect reliability from such a man.

With all such red signals mentioned above, you can safeguard your journey for a new life ahead after divorce by choosing a right guy.