Dating Etiquette: Should you let the lady pay the bill?

Dating Ettiquette
Dating Ettiquette
Dating Etiquette

When you talk about dating etiquette, there would be a long list. However, a man and a woman dating each other would certainly go for a dinner, and generally it is dinner because this is the time when both of them are free from the daily responsibilities.

The scene of a dinner

There is a nice ambiance with a cosy and romantic environment, both of you is seated comfortably when the waiter comes and asks you to place the order.

You will be mannered enough to ask the lady to do the honors. You enjoy your food, and more than this you enjoy each other’s company.

The time comes when the waiter brings in the bill in a covered form and places it on your table. Now, the expected step would be that the man picks up the bill and pays it, either in the form of cash or through card.

Should only the man pay the bill?

Since ages the system is that the lady is supposed to have the honor of placing an order and the man is supposed to pay the bill. Anything away from this is considered to be abnormal. The man who does not take the initiative of paying a dinner bill while out for a date is supposed to be ill mannered and rude.

But, one needs to analyse the changes with time. There was a time when women never used to earn, hence the menfolk were supposed to meet all the financial responsibilities. This included payment of a bill after dinner. Then it was taken for granted that the man only would pay the bill and a man deviating from this rule was considered to be unsocial.

Why can’t the lady pay the bill?

With changing times, women’s scenario and her financial status is changing too. And therefore, the rules of dating probably need to be reviewed.

Since women are playing an equal role as men in all the spheres of life hence there is no constraint in a woman taking initiative of paying the bills.

It has been enough with men honoring a woman to place an order, now a “role reversal” is required when a man will place an order and the woman would pay the bill.

All this is possible with a changed attitude and a revolutionized thought process. Women are taking charge in various areas and hence this area can also be touched upon.

There was a time when men were supposed to be the only bread earners for the family and women were required to be looked after. But now with women being more confident about them, they can either share or pay the full amount while dating on dinner. However, the general rules always suggest that women should be protected and hence the male partner in a date should be the one to clear the bill. With changing times there is no hard and fast rule though.