Dating online? Beware of the scams


online dating Is your soul partner waiting for you somewhere in the cyber world? If it is so, how can you avoid dating scams that might disappoint you?

If you are tempted to go for online dating, you are not the only person to do so. A recent study shows that U.S. citizens paid $600 million for online dating in the year 2006, being the largest paid content anywhere in the cyber world.

Online dating scams:

It might appear to be an exciting new way to find your life partner in the cyber world. But there are mental, physical and financial dangers of online dating. According to many, online dating can be more dangerous than offline dating. Many online customers report scams. Though the site managers act aggressively but they often fail to check the disappointment caused to the customers.

Online dating scams start from minor white lies and end up in big frauds. There are some common dating scams and you can easily avoid them.

How to prevent online scams?

Experts advise people dating online to secure their financial and physical safety while using the sites. Online dating experience should be taken very seriously. Experts say that people choosing online dating should take the following cautions:

1.       One should date in public places only – It is always advisable to go for a date in some public place. One should avoid going to a private place for dating with a person whom they know through a website only. One might encounter many odd experiences in the world of online dating.

2.       Not to get attached very soon – When you see a profile, it might appear to be an amazing match with an amazing person having much similar view. Remember that you have not even met that person. Do not get attached so soon with an unknown person as you want to find love. You should meet the person first. This is not the end of the story. Remember it may work out, or it may not. Many people devote significant time in online dating and talking on the telephone but get disappointed when a meeting takes place.

3.       Start with a simple cup of coffee – It is best to start with a cup of coffee, with minimum commitment of time. If you are pretty sure that the area is clear of any scams, you can always switch over to other things as well. If you meet at night, start with a glass of drink. Go for a dinner only if you want to

4.       Give your cell phone number – A person having your home phone number can discover your home address very quickly. Finding your address from a cell phone number is a more difficult task. So better not to give your cell phone number unless you are very confident about the person.