Dating Violence amongst teens: yet another social challenge

Teen dating Violence
Teen dating Violence

Another Social challenge emerges in the name of “teen dating violence”. With the progress of the society, teen dating even gets started at 11 or 12. Associated with this exists the challenge of “violence”. A study indicates that almost 10% of the students of high school experience “dating violence”, alone over the period of a year.

How does this curse affect the teens?

Teens do get affected quite deeply due to this social evil. A teen undergoing this experience leaves in a bad physical, emotional and mental state. And many a times it is observed that a teen comes out of it only after a prolonged gap. For this either a professional help is required or the parents have to play the role of extending professional support to the teens.

It leaves a scar deep enough on the tender minds and hearts, therefore making it difficult for them to believe another relationship for some time at least.

The need of protecting teens from dating violence

To shape their personalities up and to ensure that they grow up to be happy, content and confident individuals it is a big necessity to protect the teens from experiencing such violence. Otherwise, they might grow up to adults with a “distrustful feeling” and hence might make an “imperfect spouse” and incomplete parents. Ultimately all this would lead to more discontentments in the society.

Fighting back the evil

The adult members of the society have to take up the responsibility of fighting back this evil and there are some suggestions below:

  • Educating the teens at home: Parents have to ensure that they spend enough time educating their teens about combatting this evil and not allowing themselves to be a victim. Parents must share an amicable relationship with their teens and make sure that they feel confident about sharing their problems.
  • Parents must also impart enough knowledge about it to make it a point that their teens must decode the signals of any violence they are vulnerable to. Many a times, teens take it as a normal course of dating and hence they neither report the matter to their parents nor to any other adult.
  • Schools should take adequate measures to arrange “informative classes” on this subject and any such subject which would directly affect the healthy growth of a teen.
  • Social groups should be organised to help these teens on dealing with these issues and any other emotional or mental problem arising out of the same.
  • Legal measures should be established to protect the rights of any victim by empathizing the issue more than sympathizing about the same.

Dating Violence could be quite challenging for the parents don for the teens too. Here, parents need to play larger role than anyone else, because, the teens are yet to grow into adult individuals and they depend upon these parents for their healthy and happy upbringing. Providing enough, education on the subject, and extending adequate love and care to them is the core of handling his issue.