Dating with a spice of wit

Dating with wit
Dating with wit

Mostly it is observed that people get cautious when they date. In fact, many a times they are found to be behaving in the best possible manner when they meet the date.

However, relationship experts’ advice to add a tiny bit of wit to the “date”.

Why is it important to get witty?

  • A slight amount of wit will add spice to your relationship.
  • You need not get dishonest to your date; in fact, it would not be a considered to be dishonesty as long as you fix up a circumference for yourself.
  • It will keep your date on his or her toes, when he knows that you may explore any other option at any point of time.
  • It will give you a break from the monologist of the date.
  • You will never depend upon one person only.

In what ways can you get witty?

You can get witty in very many ways

  • You can always flirt around with someone else, but you need to ensure that you down cause any harm to either your own date or the new person or even to yourself.
  • You can sometimes send silly messages to some other friend who is known to you, but make sure that there is no confusion arisen out of the whole thing.
  • You can prepare a backup plan for yourself, because you may not be comfortable carrying on with the same person for a long time.
  • You can always do your own research about a fall back plan and get prepared to dump the present date, so that you can move on to the next one.
  • There is always a room to add humor to the conversation you are striking to your date, this will keep things alive.
  • Add surprises to the relationship so that your partner keeps guessing and waiting for the next new adventure from your end.
  • There is no harm in letting your partner feel a little insecurity about losing you. The fear of losing you will make him or her more alert and prompt about the existing relationship.
  • Sometimes, it is okay to talk to another friend of yours right in front of your date so that it sends a strong message of you begin liked by even others.

What if there is no wit?

In the absence of wit, a relationship would turn out to be dull and may lose its sheen. Being a little wicked and witty always adds on to the bond and reflects the intelligence of a person. It breaks the monotony of the relationship reviving it every now and then.

To summarize we may say, that being witty is actually an art, but, one has to be careful about the fact that it doesn’t hurt anyone’s emotions or pride in due course of time. After all, wit is supposed to make people laugh and not cry. Hence strike a balance between the making things funny and making fun of people.