Do the Seattle Men Lag Far Behind in Dating?


Seattle menSeattle men are different from the other men. They seem to be shy to begin a conversation. They are also very timid. The Seattle men are observed to be incapable to successfully interact with women to begin a relationship.

Dating behavior of Seattle men:

It is very difficult to make friends with Seattle men. They appear to be very cold and freezing to start a date. They often fail to make the first move. They are also bad in driving a relation. They expect women to take their turn first and wait silently for their turn.

There are more men than women in the state of Seattle. As per the data available of the recent census data more than 60% in Alaska are male members.

Seattle men lack some sort of confidence and courage in them. Though it is a fact that every man cannot be described in the same way. But they often seem to be afraid of telling a woman that they are interested. They can request for giving the phone numbers or purchasing food stuff for them. But all they can do might be gaining the attention of that woman in whom they are interested. Some of their behavior might appear unnecessary, but they cannot be called bashful.

Seattle men can be very attractive in their physical appearance but the level of confidence and ability to control any situation is something they lack in most of the cases.

Reasons for the difference in dating behavior:

The men of Seattle more refreshing than a man who expects someone else to find a partner for them. Seattle is a city in the United States which is known for its technological progress. The men do not lack their backbone but the technology has made them lag behind in a relation. Again they also suffer from some common nervousness which prohibits them from approaching a woman as soon as they feel like.

Another cause why Seattle men do not approach women is that most of them lack social skills and confidence unlike men of other professions.

Thus it can be concluded that single men working in the technology fields lack behind to manage the love game.

Position of Seattle in online dating:

Seattle is one of the best cities for online dating as stated in a recent study. As such they lack in actual interaction to win the heart of a woman. They are more comfortable in creating profile pictures and making impressive online comments. But dating someone through the internet and dating a woman in person is altogether a different story.

Women are often found to be frustrated finding Seattle men not approaching them. This is a common scene in Seattle.