Does Dating When Divorce is Pending Amount to Cheating?


dating when divorce is pendingNow-a-days dating while having a pending divorce is very common. But the question is does it amount to cheating? The answer is not that easy.

What constitutes cheating?

Cheating is a dishonest or unfair act to take an advantage. It means deceiving someone who has faith in you. If the marriage is working, you are believed to be faithful and in case you get involved with a third person, then you are guilty of cheating.

Dating when divorce litigation is pending:

Entering into an affair before a divorce is final is never a good idea. Break up of a marriage is like facing a death. It is such a process which gives you pain. But still you try to put your life back to the old form.

Before entering into a new relationship you need to learn why the marriage failed. Many people find no reason to wait if divorce is likely to happen. Dating becomes their own choice.

Impact of dating while going through divorce:

Jumping from one relationship to another requires a lot of time and considerations as well. Starting divorce while the marriage is subsisting can put a huge strain on both the relationships. Before attempting a new relationship one needs time to recover from the sorrow of the break up. People should not forget that they are “legally” still married while the divorce proceeding is pending.

Why should one avoid dating when divorce is pending?

Emotionally speaking if you are committed to the relationship, you cannot cheat.  But you should not ignore your existing relationship before starting another one.  That is the best thing to do even if you plan to start a new life.

Your new venture can give shock to the person who trusts you. Remember that your act might devastate another person’s life.
If you have worked through the issues with your spouse by putting your best efforts and still you failed to stay together and both of you agree to go for divorce, allow some time before starting a new relation.

The choice is a difficult one:             

If your partner is cheating you by starting a new relationship secretly or is sleeping with someone else, you are free to choose your own life style, though you are not mentally stable.
In such a situation, if you find someone whom you can trust upon, it might be of great help. But always remember not to make mistakes along the way which might put you into more trouble.

The best option is to keep the dating activities pending till the marriage is over and the divorce is final if you can have patience. But all depends upon your motives.