Failed Dating? Look into the reasons

Failed dating
Failed dating
Failed dating

Are you constantly failing to succeed a date? Have you ever tried to look into the reasons?

If not then start taking a relook at your approach of things.

Presenting yourself as what you are not

Merely to please many a time people are seen to be presenting them in a fashion which is nowhere closer to their reality. In the process they land up making fool of themselves and mostly they are caught by their dates. When you come to know that the other person is not in his natural self then the respect is lot and hence the date fails.

Moving away from originality

In order to catch attention you shed many daters shed off their original self and try and imitate someone else.

Think and analyse if it is going to help in any way. It won’t, because anything that is not natural will never be yours and hence the best is to be in the original self so that you don’t have to put an extra effort to change your facia. In any case the originality comes in light sooner or later.

Not revealing the required information

Many people talk a lot to their date but don’t share the information which would actually affect their relationship.

Stop doing this because, you need to check and filter down all the required information which will be a determinant in your association. Else, you might be observed as a cheat even though you never intended to hide your personal details.

Communicating incoherently

You may go on talking many things but you never discussed the relevant issues. This could be actually irritating for someone who is interacting with you for the first time. So, be careful about your placement of words and speak intelligently.

Choosing the wrong person

You may have chosen a person who is actually not “your types”, so you get into an awkward situation where neither your likes meet nor your dislikes are relevant. You cannot expect such a date to get prolonged.

Clearing out the mutual expectations

Did you clear your expectation on the first few occasions? And did you ask the person about his or her expectations? If not then later both of you will be in “crises cross” mode where one person’s wishes will not be decoded by another one and vice versa.

Jumping to conclusions

See if you have given the relationship some time or you are just jumping to conclusions. Make sure that you have studied enough before reaching a conclusion. Otherwise there is a possibility that you will make an error of judgement.

Dating is actually an art and a science too. It is a unique combination of emotions and scientific application where one has to be quite prompt yet patient to make evaluations about the persona and the situation both. Transparency has to be maintained but everythign should not be revealed in one go itself. These are some of the tricks of ensuring that your date is successful.