Fraudulent techniques deployed by online dating sites

Frauds on Online Dating
Frauds on Online Dating

Across the World, the trend is in favor of “Online Dating”. This is quite a popular concept with people belonging to almost every possible age group.

The concept is growing like a giant and for those who have taken it up as a business it means a collection of almost $2 billion alone in the year 2012.

Why has the concept gained momentum?

The present life style has made people cling to the system and the Internet. This is one place they use it for various purposes starting from shopping to meet any other need.

And this is the site where people tend to find a partner for them.

There are various “Online dating Sites”, which give you an option to create a profile of yours and allow people to date with you. This is where, the trouble starts from.

How do you get exploited?

Exploitation of personal Information

Every dating Site asks you to submit your personal details including your emotional status, for example your marital status and if you are looking for a “lifelong partner” or you only want somebody for a shorter span of time and many such details which are exploited by the miscreants later.

Misuse of vulnerable information

One fine day even if you decide to disable your account from a given site, your personal information remains with them. There is a huge possibility that your absolute secretive details are misused for making some kind of profit by the Site owners.

Hollow Promises

The Sites quote terminologies like “eHarmony, Gene-partner, Chemistry” and many such words which will force you to provide the detail possible information to the see. They assure you of matching your genes with the most preferred ormer so that you can have a great Chemistry and have a happy experience of Online Dating.

There is no proof of any such technique known which can match the genes and assure a happy life ahead.

You may undergo monetary loss

The Sites offer you a series of options for ensuring you to get the “right partner”. In turn they may ask you to deposit a huge amount of money in a given account. In the process they may get an access to your banking secrets and thereafter the loss begins.

Unfortunately, there are no strict regulations to curb the atrocities of “Online Dating Sites”. They play with the psychology of people as they know somebody desperate to have partnered will comply with their rules and hence the trap is ready for such innocent people.