Girls don’t prefer overrated romance in dating

Over romantic Boy
Over romantic Boy

This is why they say that girls are girls. They do things differently and they do different things.

When it comes to dating too, many of them may prefer something on a lighter note. So, Boys who have been thinking of impressing the “date” with a highly rated romance need to be cautioned of this attitude of the girls.

The equation of likes and dislikes

When boys make every possible attempt and effort to get over a girl right on the first few dates by making gestures which are “quite romantic” they need to understand that girls are different. They may show something else and may prefer toe experience something else.
From the outlook you may think that you will win her heart by being romantic but be alert and understand if she takes your effort as “Overdoing” of things.

There is every possibility that what is right to a boy could be absolutely “not wanted” by a girl. Hence striking the right kind of balance is very important

Beta male could be more preferred than an alpha male

Yes, may sound unrealistic but has been proved to be right in many cases. A man who has been very-very confident with girls and even otherwise, may be “used” by a girl. But, when it comes to making the choice for a “Lover” or “True companion” girls mostly rely on a beta male that was probably never confident in the classroom, yet he makes a much reliable partner than others.

Girls are Girls

When it comes to dating they may choose a guy who is interesting but not over-romantic, because they can identify the difference between genuine feelings and when things are overdone.

After all they say, woman has a strong “perception” of identifying and discriminating between genuine and in genuine feelings.

Next time when you are going on a date make sure, that you don’t over express yourself. After all, everyone knows that it takes time to love and adore person and any expression of romance or love before a certain period time is not more than an artificial expression.

Looking at the perception of the girls, it is better to take things lightly and take some time at least before getting romantic on a date, at least the first few ones.