Handling a date who has children

Date with a child
Date with a child

When you are dating a person who is a single parent, your strategy has to be slightly more careful than otherwise. You can never afford to isolate a single parent and expect him or her to absolutely dedicate for you. The availability will be proportional to the responsibilities he or she has to meet.

You can consider the following tips for making your date a success with a single parent:

  • Understand that your date is a “package” of many responsibilities and you can’t afford to think of finding him or her available to meet you whenever you wish to. Make sure that you fix your schedule according to his or her conveniences rather than giving priority to yourself.
  • It may happen so that while he or she is juggling with many roles and responsibilities, (s) he may not get time to call you up. Never mind, you can take the initiative and give a call to know the well-being. This will create a positive impression of yours on your date.
  • You may sometimes feel that (s) he gives more importance to the kids and much less to you. This is a natural feeling, but, understands that kids are the first priority for a parent and especially when your date is aware of the fact that the other parent is not responsive enough towards the children.
  • Very smartly you can pay the restaurant bills on your own, as your date has a lot many financial responsibilities to meet. Paying this bill would be an extra responsibility for him or her. This gestures of your will prove how sensitive you are about the challenges he or she faces.
  • Do not probe about the kids or the previous partner, till (s) he starts discoing on his or her own. There could be something your date might not want to share with anyone, leave alone you.
  • After a few meetings you can express your willingness to meet the children and spend sometime with them.
  • You can also take interest in the mundane happenings of children’s life.
  • Never be in a hurry to be a part of the family till you get comfortable your date. Don’t force yourself neither your date for this.

Dating a person with children is a different experience altogether. One has to be careful while pacing things, because the date has other priorities which could be more important than the new association. The best is to give more and more time for things to settle down, gradually with sincere efforts you will be able to gain confidence of your date.