Handling a depressed person from failed dating

Depressed Person
Depressed Person

“Dating” for a person who really wants to be in a relationship is a beautiful feeling. The person starts dreaming about a long term bond with the date and waits for the day when he would be actually experiencing it.

He starts preparing for the venue, the gift, his dresses and anything else which he thinks would leave a first impression on his dating partner. He makes sure that no effort is left behind in catching all the attention of his partner.

With all this preparation he goes to meet her and then while spending time he realizes that this is not the right place or right person for him. It could also be so that he has liked the person but the other individual could not strike a chord with him.

In any case, for a person who was so serious and hopeful about the date the failure of it would lead to major emotional setback.

There are people who are least affected by the failure of a date, but there are many who might go into depression due to the failure. He might restrict himself and get reserved. He might shell himself from the world. He might not be able to eat or sleep properly or might also start underperforming at his work place. The person might suffer from inferiority complex or a feeling of rejection.

Now it is the time for a friend or a relative who has known this person for long and was also aware of the date and the hopes associated with it, to play a major role. As a well-wisher it is important that you first feel the problem, make the person comfortable by your gestures and then try to strike a conversation. Without making anything too loud you can always make him feel confident and make him realize his potential of doing well in life, even if it is a relationship.

For you as a well-wisher it is a great job to bring back the same “self-esteem and confidence” which the person had before dating. Unless he is confident and comfortable he will not be able to handle the crisis. You have to ensure that the spark is lighted in him so that he can trust in other people and move ahead to make new relationships in future.