Handling Your Fears Of Losing A Date You Love


You are looking forward to your much awaited date with the special someone in your life, but are constantly in fear at the back of your mind for losing it in the way. However, tick that fear off your mind now. It is nothing but a part of insecurity creeping in your mind and possessiveness when one is in a relationship.

 Fear brings in insecurity:

Human nature is itself a complex and unexplainable thing. Despite the strength to take big challenges and tackle problems at ease, the only thing which tends to be there for everyone is the fear of losing a date or the partner. Some people are too much in fear of losing the date that they would constantly try their way out to impress and stay in constant touch with the date to make sure and check that the partner does not cancels it. This makes the person to be in constant fear of rejection and losing the partner and the relationship even.

How to overcome the fear of losing:

  • To fade out this feeling of fear for losing date, the first thing is to boost up the self esteem to overcome any rejection feeling. The person who has a good self confidence and is sure about himself would never fear of losing out the date nor would be afraid of the partner rejecting him out.
  • Communication is a good way to share between partners. Sometimes, some people are so afraid of losing the date with the person they love that they would not even ask the partner or the other person out just for the sake of not facing a rejection.
  • In some cases, this fear of losing the date with the partner starts showing undertones of jealousy when the person stops his or her partner from meeting other friends and acquaintances in fear of getting himself or herself rejected. This will in turn make the partner turn away from the person and along with dates the relationship will also falter with time.
  • Losing a date does not mean the end of the world. The date might also be cancelled due to the partner having a bad day or the partner having other urgent tasks to attend to.  In that case, keep options open for another day where you can go for the dream date you love the most with the special someone of your life.

So boost up self esteem and look forward to the next date in case if the current one gets cancelled. Make sure you make the date special for the partner so that in the future dates your partner would not even think about missing a date with you.