How to Win Over Shyness While Dating?


winning over shyness while datingDo you become nervous when you go for a date? Does your dating partner make you nervous? Does the thought of communicating with your partner make you want to rush to some other place? Do you want to leave the place when your partner is enjoying it? If the answers are yes, you are surely suffering from the very common problem of shyness.

Why do we feel shy?

We all experience shyness due to one of the following reasons:

(a)    Weak self image – This is due to the experiences we gather in our school. We feel that we are not worthy of anybody’s admiration.

(b)   Low self esteem – When we are surrounded by other people, we become conscious about what we are doing. We feel like standing at the centre of a stage. This makes us nervous.

(c)    Self consciousness If you are extreme aware about yourself, you might feel shy while interacting with people.

Shyness is a common problem:

You are not the only person having the problem. Many people suffer from shyness and are trying to overcome it.  Remember that overcoming shyness does not happen overnight. It requires a lot of time and patience coupled with the desire to change. One has to go a long way to overcome shyness.The following tips will help you to win over shyness while going for a date.

1.        Find out what makes you feel shy: Do you feel shy in venturing into a new situation? What do you feel when your partner admires you? You have to target the thoughts that go through your brain before the shyness comes in your way.

2.       Be comfortable: Try to build your self confidence and this will make you comfortable at the time of date.

3.       Speak clearly: Speaking clearly with your partner will help you to avoid the embarrassment of repeating what you said due to your lack of confidence and fumbling while speaking.

4.       List out the situations which make you feel nervous: Make a list of those things that makes you nervous and anxious. Once you have a list of those situations, start working on them.

5.        Do not compare yourself to others: When you compare yourself to others, you will feel lack of self esteem which will make you shyer.

6.       Find out your qualities : We all have some qualities and the ways of expressing ourselves differ from person to person. It is necessary to know the things we do well. This will help us in developing a sense of self confidence.

7.      Do not leave the date : If you leave shy situations, you reinforce our shyness. Instead, face the situation with a challenge. Start believing in yourself that you have the strength to tackle it.