How would parents protect their children against relationship violence?


relationship violenceIf your child is scared of getting into in a relationship due to some bitter experiences in the past with violence or abuse, you should know that it is possible to have a safe relationship. It is painful to know that a relationship is going down the wrong way. It might not always possible to prevent violence in a relationship, but there are steps by which one can protect himself. Some basic ideas will help you to help your children to maintain a safe relation with their loved ones.

Kinds of relationship violence:

Relationship violence is at times known as dating or intimate partner violence. In some cases, both partners are found to behave in unhealthy or unsafe ways.

When people think about violence in a relationship, first of all they consider physical violence like hitting or assaulting in some other way. But people might go for other means to control their partners, like threats or undue influences.

Dating violence in teenagers:

Teenagers and young adults are generally more vulnerable to violent relationships due to their inexperience and peer pressure arising out of such relationships. Often these young people bear unrealistic views about romance. They might feel responsible for the abuse involved in their relationship.

Some young men feel proud to control and be aggressive with their female partners. For them it is an expression of masculinity. They demand intimacy in their relationships which they express both verbally and physically.

Many parents wish to know the warning sign before it is very late. Parents should pay attention and stay involved in the lives of their children. Adolescence is an important stage of life to discuss with their children about the essence of a healthy relationship. If parents are worried about such kind of talk, they must take assistance from health care professionals who can help them to communicate about dating violence with their children.

They can at the same time ask the schools to include in their curriculum such topics relating to relationship violence. One should try to educate his child about the perils of teen dating violence.

How to check relationship violence?

  1. Communicate with your children – Parents should not be afraid to ask their children and talk about relationship violence. Discussing together can often break the cycle of violence.
  2. Tell the warning signs in a relationship  If there are any signs that the person engaged with your child might be violent or flares up without provocation, tell your child about it. They often make mistake in identifying the warning signs of an abusive relationship. Ask them to listen to their inner voice and act accordingly. Remember that your child should also know to identify the warning signs.
  3. Ask them to date in public – Ask your children not to be in a position of being harmed if anything goes wrong. Warn them from going to that person’s place till they are sure they know the person well enough.