Is ambition the driving factor for Infidelity?

Ambition leading to Infidelity
Ambition leading to Infidelity

Infidelity comes in various packages and is the outcome of many ills. These days “Ambition” is termed to be the most significant cause of Infidelity.

Ambition is needed in optimum amount in every individual’s life for giving a direction and aim to life.

However, when it crosses the limit, it makes you forget the demarcation between ethics and unethical aspects.

Correlation Coefficient of ambition and Infidelity

When we are ambitious, we want to “achieve” by whatever means. We are only interested in the end result and achieving the achievement.

It is the ambition which never makes us satisfied and content with anything we possess, be it a materialistic possession or even a “relationship”.

Yes, such people who are dominated by ambition in their lives are never settled with one person in their lives.

With every relationship they try to look beyond and think of getting better. The present partnership takes no time to go off their interest and forcing them to get attracted towards a new person. Not that they leave the old relationship and then get into a new one, nut both continue simultaneously. Probably this is what is called Infidelity.

Yes, the ambition to get a richer partner who will give everything possible what they want from life. This “everything” does not mean the “emotional aspect” of the relationship but the physical means.

The possessions are the flat, the furnishing, the car, the bank balance, the expensive gifts and many other things which will make such person hear complements from his or her friends.

Such people are not sure about the new person too, neither they are happy to leave the old one.  Don’t mistake this as “guilt” but you have the liberty of observing it as getting the best out of both.

There are Novels like “Gossip Girls” written in series, based on which T.V. Serials are made displaying the growing trend of infidelity due to ambition.

The ambition in the youngsters, doesn’t allow them to think beyond their enjoyments and understand the deeper meaning of a bond between man and a woman.

All they think is the momentary happiness they get out of a new change. The new person in life is a little more than a “spice” and means to get more of materialistic benefit and nothing else.

Ambition is the driving factor for reaching our dreams but we should never be controlled by them as, when our ambition starts controlling us, we are likely to lose our rationalism.