Is Online Dating a reliable source of establishing serious relationships?

Online Dating
Online Dating

Now, this is a question which will take a few precious minutes of every reader. This is a question which many would not feel confident to answer. Even if they would, there will be a lack of surety in it.The sole reason being that the “success stories” are lesser in number than the “unsuccessful ones.”

Why does it still remain a doubtful concept?

Online Dating, in spite of gaining so much of momentum, still struggles to find a place for itself in the society. And this is merely because; it has let people down when it comes to establishing a serious bond meant for life.

Till the point you take it as a measure of entertainment, you don’t get the actual flavour of it. Once you go deep down into it you start feeling the pain and misery.

What are the possible reasons behind the concept failing for a serious bond?

  • Lack of personal touch

The concept involves two people attached to two different systems which are technical and hence turns the relationship into a “technical feeling”. There is hardly any personal interaction between the two involved. Hence, knowing each other at personal level holds no place here.

  • Lack of feelings and trust

There are hardly feelings developed between the two interacting through online dating sites. In turn, the “element of trust” lacks as well, making it a mechanical process than an emotional one.

  • Lack of commitment

Two people are not committed to each other; in fact coming out of the association is as easy as changing your ID and also stopping making any payment to the Dating Site.

  • Lack of truth

Most of the times, the one who is tricky enough hides his real identity and projects himself according to the wish of the online dating partner. Truth remains buried till the time the genuine partner asks for a commitment and a future plan.

Are Women more prone to pain than Men?

Yes, the sole reason being, women starts associating with a partner faster than a man does. She gets involved emotionally and starts planning for the future wherein she dreams of this man being his “Dream partner.”

On contrary to this, men are not so involved and are quite superficial in any such relationship. They can also recover from a shock faster than a woman can. All these things make a woman more prone to such a heart break than a man.