Is Online Dating giving another Platform to the Corrupts?

Corruption through Online Dating
Corruption through Online Dating

For many, who have been living a solitary life all these days; have actually found a reason to live through “Online Dating”. A concept which is dominating the society with a quite a large number of “success stories” where families have been built up.

However, there are stories of innocents being penalized for no rhyme or reason due to such online dating sites.

The Brighter Shade of “Online Dating”

The present lifestyle restricts people from socialising largely due to time constraint. People are so busy meeting their targets at professional front that they miss the catch of the personal life.

But, at a certain age, one misses the true companionship and starts searching for the right partner.

The youngsters on the other hand, keep glued to the “Computer Screen” and look for a new friend. And why they should not, after all they have just begun to explore the fun of life.

Online Dating allows people to get the partner of their choice. If they are not convinced with one they can decline the relationship online, even block the person and come out of it without undergoing any emotional drama.

Corrupts get a platform to play with the innocents

All the Dating Sites would ask you to create a file by filling up a given form which asks for relevant details from your end. These details are too personal and quite informative for someone who wants to play a trick.

They also make you agree to the terms and conditions which are meant to safeguard them and not you.

They will come with various kind of assurances like “they will get you the right kind of partner” and many such lucrative options will be given to you.

Once you provide all your details and they understand that you can be taken for a ride they start their dirty game.

The possible Way Out

Unfortunately there are not firm regulations to catch and control such crimes associated with “Online dating”. Even if there would have been a few, the mental trauma one undergoes can never be replaced by the victim.

Hence, instead of wishing to change the system and making it better off, the best effort is to be careful while flipping through any such site. After all, the pain of falling prey to any such “corrupt hands” is irreplaceable for quite some time if not for the lifetime.