Is polygamy allowed if one claims to be honest?

Man into many relationships
Man into many relationships
Man into many relationships

Many would oppose such a thought propose on moral grounds. There would be many who would give themselves an allowance for getting into multiple relationships and by saying that he has been honest to every woman he has met in life. But, to many, it would only be demeaning to assume such concepts.

Why do some people think of getting into many relationships?

They need a change in their lives every now and then and also want to discover and explore. It also boosts their ego that they are accepted by so many women around. However, the conscious in them does remind them to be wrong, but, they cover their entire fault by disclosing their previous relationships to the new woman in life.

But, then the million dollar question is if that is enough for being ethical? The answer is certainly a big “no”.

You cannot claim to be forgiven for something you are doing alarmingly. And such disclosures are only means to save oneself from any guilty feeling.

What should a woman confirm before getting into a relationship?

  • A woman should never assume rather she should apply her intelligence if she comes across a man who is trying to be honest about his past. She has to check if it is only a trick to win her attention.
  • She also needs to be careful about the fact that if this man has a tendency of mating with many without giving it much of a thought then would he be the right person.
    She should not assume a “commitment” from such an individual who is never sure of his moves. Yes, this is sign of being unsure and hence one move from one person to the other.
  • If you see a man of this nature approaching you, be firm and rational, and think several times before making yourself available to him. This is when you want a permanent relationship in life. If you want to enjoy his company for a short while and leave he the way he has been doing to the others then it would be a personal choice.
  • You must also never live with the impression that you are the only one who is being dated by this person, so check before you are exploited emotionally.
  • Even if he spends his night with you, it might not be solely you in his life, there could be many more women and he is saving himself by various ways.

Getting into many relationships and escaping the feeling of guilt could be quite easy for some people because they wear a pseudo cap of “honesty”. This act would be observed as “disregard towards woman” by many. Any such woman coming across such a man should be careful and handle the situation intelligently. It is always advisable to protect oneself and not allow to get exploited emotionally under any circumstances. One has to wear thinking cap and apply sense of judgement in such cases.