Men don’t like girls that open up on first date

Men don't like too frank women
Men don't like too frank women
Men don’t like too frank women

There is this man next door who went for a date and did not quite like the woman. When he was asked about it, he expressed that he was not happy with the initiative taken by the woman on establishing physical terms with him.

And this is not an uncommon story rather there are many men who do not like the lady taking an initiative on becoming physically intimate while dating a man.

Why do men not prefer a woman like this?

They have a picture of a woman in mind that would be little shy, reserved and not so open about anything that deals with “physical intimacy”. They want a woman who would be quiet on this issue, and even if there is an urge to make love, they would hold it back. They observe those women who do not restrain themselves from opening up to be too frank and may also think that it is not for the first time that they are into such a relationship.  They may also think that this woman have the habit of leading every date to an intimate physical relationship.  It may give them an impression that this woman in particular is available quite easily and hence they don’t get the sense of winning her over.

What would they rather prefer?

They may prefer someone who would be rather quiet and would wait for the man to start any such talk. They would like to date with someone who would at least show a minimum hesitation in the beginning even before holding hands. They would prefer a woman who would first try to get accustomed with the man, develop an emotional attachment and then prefer to get intimate physically. They would rather prefer the relationship to get more mature and then reach the level of intimacy.

Why do men have this kind of a thought process?

When they initiate any such relationship they want to lead in very many ways. In fact the ego level being high in men, they want to become the driving force and decision making body between the two partners, even if it is a date. They may want to evaluate the woman, weigh the future of the relationship and then proceed further. Getting physically involved would mean more commitment than without being so. And in a given situation like this, a man would not like to get into a commitment before they are prepared and sure about it.

Men can have strong likes and dislikes about a dating relationship. They may accept a woman for something not looking very prominent to the world and may reject one who is not appreciated by others at all. They have their own reasons and own calculations for every date they initiate. They would not prefer to proceed with a date that is ready to get into a physical relationship much before it matures and becomes stronger.