Online Dating- A costly affair to the women of the society

Women cheated during Online Dating
Women cheated during Online Dating

With the advent of the society, the ways and means of relationship also seem to be changing. And there is one such change in the name of “Online Dating”, which seems to be a costly affair than one could have imagined.

A recent survey

A survey indicates that only since first day of the year 2013 till now, more than 130 Quebeccers have lost their money through online dating. And looking at the overall figure of the country, Canada itself has lost millions of dollars last year merely in the name of “Online Dating”.

The story of people losing money

It was published on a dating website that only one woman lost tens of thousands of dollars while a lady was enjoying this technological advancement of the society.

The lady in the story kept receiving pictures form the man on the other side who introduced himself as an Army officer. He kept winning her heart by sending her letters filled with love and he could sense well the acceptance coming from the lady.

One fine day, this date asked for a huge amount of money form the women in the name of an emergency and after she sent the money, it was only a few days later that she realised of her being cheated by the man.

The legal action

Unfortunately, a date shows that as low as 5% of such fraud cases are being reported to the legal authorities and hence even the cops can’t take action against many of these fraudsters.

However, recently a case has surfaced wherein a man is put in the jail because he tried to exploit two of the school teachers by extracting money from them.

In spite of the woman being threatened by him, she gathered her courage and reported the matter to the cops.

The alarms in online dating

When you are into such a relationship, you must be a little alert about certain things like, sharing all your personal details with the person right in the beginning, or showing your emotional weakness to him or even getting too close with him. Don’t forget that once he notices your desperation or want for himself he would take advantage of the same and can come with some trick to extract money from you or the other.

The possible steps a woman can take

Before getting into any such association, a woman should verify the identity of the man. And the more important point is to not send money to any such date’s account no matter how deep the relationship has gone or how old the same is.

In spite of taking these precautions if she feels to be stuck in any such bond, she must take efforts to report the matter to the Cops for immediate legal action.

Online dating may have brought a revolution in the concept of dating but, it is to be used and handled with a lot of alertness, otherwise it may cause more harm than good.