Online dating scams becoming common in Canada


Online dating scams Police and anti-fraud agencies in Canada are trying to make people cautious regarding the scams of online dating sites.

With the online dating sites become more and more popular, people are beginning new relationships that way. A recent study states that nearly one-third of Americans got married since 2005 through online websites.

But criminals are also finding new targets by creating a new identity and earning money by using such sites.

Reasons for increasing numbers of online scammers:

After you lose money, it is extremely difficult to get the same back.  This is for the reason that computer is a good place for people to hide, and it becomes hard for anyone to investigate if funds are sent out of a country. In such situations, it gets difficult to collect the documents for trapping the criminals. It is for the reason that any organized crime can take easily through online sites.

Current statistics of online dating scams in Canada:

According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre in the year 2012 people of Canada lost about $17 million in online dating scams.

During the last few years, Canadians have lost money in such scams more than in any other kind of fraud.  The number of victims is regularly increasing compared to other kinds of scams.

Signs of online dating frauds:

If you fail to meet that person face to face, for excuses made by the person telling why it cannot happen, it can be alarming.  If your partner starts talking about financial issues very early in the relationship, it can be an indicator of a scam which is approaching.

One should learn the signs to prevent from becoming a victim of online dating scam. If that person talks about a friend in another country who is coming and needs help and mention Western Union Money transfer, and tends to  make unusual withdrawals frequently, it can be alarming for you.

Scammers use false images online as their profile pictures, so that they cannot be found in a search. In case you become a victim, both police and anti-fraud agencies will find it hard to trace it. Figures show that only about 5% of fraud victims on online dating sites only report police about the scams.

Consumers can report the money they have lost, but they rarely do so though they lose their own money for those criminals. Nobody wishes to think that they could be cheated by an internet dating scam, but still thousands of people every year are being deceived that way.

To avoid being the next target, one should not give money to people online unless they really know such persons. Be cautious, prepared and ready if someone attempts to take advantage of you through any online dating site.