Pheromone parties- latest way to do away from singlehood

Pheromone Party
Pheromone Party

The equation of relationship gets complex in the society day by day, bringing in more and more inventions to combat this complexity.

The ego between people makes them fight on one hand, increasing the number of break ups amongst human relationship, on the other hand the heart and mind brings in news ways to get rid of loneliness.

Study reveals that the number of divorces has risen in most of the developed countries; dates are getting unsuccessful, which somewhere indicates that the chemistry between two people is somehow not balancing the left hand side and right hand side of the equation.

Concept of Pheromone Parties

These days, the experts have initiated the concept of “pheromone party” wherein is supposed to walk in with an unwashed T-shirt which the person must have worn at least overnight and preferable for three nights. These T-shirts are kept in a bag which is to be preserved in the fridge till the time one comes to the party.  The T-shirts are kept without any name tag but only with a serial number pasted or hung on it. All the men T-shirts are kept in a blue bag, whereas those of women are kept in pink bag.

All these T-shirts are kept together and the singles are allowed to choose any T-shirt of their choice, based on the smell or fragrance they ice the most.

Amazing, but interesting, after selecting the T-shirt, the selector is to click a picture with the same and hang it on the wall. Now the rightful owner of the T-shirt who is also a single and is looking for partner comes and greets his selector.

Science or myth

There people who failed to get a match even after trying out all possible ways, like personal dating, online dating, online match making an everything else they could do to get a partner. Here, all those who come have a different experience and some of them have even received good companies and partners too.

Looking at the scientific part of it, every human being has a definite set of genes which is unique and everyone has his own pheromone secretion coming out of the body. The matching of pheromones depend largely upon the genetic structure of two individuals, which is why there “love at first sight cases” wherein one feels attracted towards the other even without any conversation.

Society should have constructions at the level of relationship, no matter what makes things bets for the people, it should just happen.