Reasons Behind Women Avoiding Online Dating


6th August: Do you know the reasons why women still shy away from meeting guys on dating websites?

Well, it’s a fact that women avoid dating guys online. And we must find out the reasons that restricts women from doing so. So, let us see here.

Women Avoid Online Dating Fake profiles—One of the most important factor that seems to be inhibiting women to go online for searching their soul mate is that an increased number of profiles are fake ones. Yes, that seems to be true. Consider, for instance, the example of a girl who tried to find the man of her dreams on dating website. She found out that many of the profiles were creepy and almost every other guy was ready to start a chat with her.

Rejection—different perspectives for men and women—Rejecting any guy on a dating website by a girl could is yet another factor that keeps women away from dating websites. Even if women get rejected on a dating website, they don’t take it seriously. On the other hand, if a guy is rejected, he does not accept it. So, what a guy normally does in such a scenario is sending long message or stalking the girl who had rejected him. Hence, such things dissuade women from using online dating websites.

Fear of getting judged—This is yet another factor behind why women shy away from using online dating websites. The conservative outlook of Indians and the fear of getting judged that seems to be inhibiting women from using online dating websites. Moreover, women admit having a greater comfort level while meeting people online for socializing and not for dating.

Women power—Women are being given the power to select the legitimate profiles on the online dating websites. This helps them take the decision to select the descent man on the dating website. Women say they must act with wisdom to see which men are weird and hence must be avoided on a dating website.

Let us see some harsh online dating realities

  • Majority of member profiles are inactive. So, for all newbies on online dating websites, here is a message. Be prepared for facing disappointment and never take it personally.
  • Online dating messes with your psychology—Yes, its true. It does mess up with your psychology. You may face what can be called as a ‘Paradox of choice’. As a result, you may feel overwhelmed.
  • Intimacy warped?—Yes, it may be true. Many move faster to having a physical relationship online that in their real lives. So, the thing is that online correspondence does lead to creating a fake sense of familiarity. This could lead to increased chances of flirting etc. through emails or text even before you actually meet the person face to face. So, you could get into a physical relationship with your date quite soon.
  • Different person—Have you ever wondered that the person you have been dating may not be the person you are meeting? Yes, it is becoming true in many cases of online dating. So, you need to be wary of such things.