Stay protected from Online Dating Fraud

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Protect from online dating scam
Protect from online dating scam

A survey indicates that since 2005, almost 25% of the Americans met their spouses on net. And with this encouraging figure there is also a strong percentage of people being scammed and cheated on online dating sites.

The losses coming through Online dating sites

Emotional Losses: The catch of Online dating sites is that you down get to see the other person personally at least till the time you fix up a meeting. And therefore, you actually cannot read the face of the person. Many a times you encounter a person and get to know if he or she is genuine or not.

Loss of trust

You lose trust upon the entire concept of dating someone one line, and even finding a life partner. You might have developed this trust after hearing from lot many friends and by seeing they happily married.

Financial Loss

According to a report prepared by the Canadian Anti-fraud centre, there was a loss of $17 million by the Canadians alone in the year 2012.
When compared to other kind of scams and losses coming out of them then online dating fraud stands taller than the rest, at least in the last three years.

The process of being cheated

When the other person knows well that he or she has gained your confidence then this is the exact time when you are cheated. You may suddenly be told a painful and miserable story about a family member being critically ill, or a burglary in the house and any such mishap which would turn you off. The story is narrated exactly in a way that you are bound to trust this person whom you have never met before. You would be requested to despot the sum of money in an account which would be difficult for you to trace later. And the person vanishes after you have done the needful.

The warning

  • You can cross verify the existence of the person.
  • You may not see the actual image of the person on the site.
  • He or she would sound too sweet and too good to be true.
  • Check yourself before getting too close in no time.
  • Draw a line which should not be crossed by the other person.
  • Emphasize on knowing the personal details and verify them.
  • Ensure that you meet the person after you have interacted for a couple of days or weeks.
  • If you are cheated or you have any doubt about the person then you must report the matter to concerned department.
  • Don’t hesitate to take legal action against any such miscreant.

Online Dating Scams are quite heard of these days. There is more of loneliness and hence people tend to fall for a little comfort coming from the other side, even if it is not a genuine one. One should act carefully, and if being cheated then there should be not dual thought about bringing it to light and allow the law to take its own course.