Tatum O’Neal Confesses Dating Women Only


31st May: Tatum O’Neal has recently confessed about dating women mostly.

During a recent interview, the 51-year-old actress and former wife of John McEnroe, a famous tennis player, revealed that there has been a new turn in her love life. She said she has been dating mostly women.

Tatum O'Neal Dating Women RecentlyO’Neal Likes Women–She did not hesitate to admit that she likes women. She has dated pop star Michael Jackson in 1970s. Women happen to be the most amazing creatures. Moreover, they are far more intelligent and gentle than the men.

Not dating anyone currently–She said that as of now, she is single. She is not in any relationship. And she said she looks forward to getting steady with a woman in the coming times.

Is she a lesbian?—Whether O’Neal is a lesbian or not? Well, when asked about this question, she denied answering in affirmation. While denying to define her own sexuality, she said she is neither one nor the other(lesbian or bisexual). And she said that she will date women and men.

The actress was last seen in “Sweet Lorraine”, a comedy drama film, said she does not identify herself as being straight or gay.

More details are eagerly awaited by her fans with regard to dating and whether she has been able to find her love once again or not.

Her latest film ‘She’s Funny That Way’ is set to be released this summer. From the year 1986 until 1994, she has been married to John McEnroe, the tennis star. The couple had three kids—Kevin, Sean and Emily. They are now 29 years, 28 years and 24 years respectively.

O’Neal was addicted to heroine and her former husband McEnroe had taken custody of the kids in the year 1998 due to her battle with sobriety.

She talked openly about her relationship with her eldest son. She said there is respect and not any relationship now. O’Neal’s eldest son Kevin’s book has been inviting good reviews and she felt proud about how she is to her son Kevin.

Proud mother–Talking about her son’s book, which depicts an account of O’Neal’s mom’s struggles and her life. Her mom Joanna Moore had overcome her addiction to pills. O’Neal was pleased with the way her eldest son depicted her mom’s story. She felt contented about her being a mom. She said she is the proudest mom in the history of the world.