The Conversation that annoys you on your First Date

First Date
First Date

They say, “First impression is the last impression”. And if this is true, then you need to be extra careful about the agenda and point of conversation on your first date.

This is the meeting which will decide the course of action of your relationship; of course there are other deciding factors too.

Some of the things which may annoy you if discussed are:

Discussing the hardships you went in the past

Right when you are personally meeting the person never mention about your struggles in the past. You may have struggled a lot both at professional and personal front, but mentioning the same in the first meet will have very little relevance. In fact, your date might consider you to be a boring person.

Discussing about the achievements

First date is the last platform to reveal all your achievements. You may think of catching his or her attention, but on contrary, you may lose his interest. You might be observed as a person who loves to boast and talk about his or her own self.

Discussing the past relationship

You might have been into a relationship before, yet, you need not talk about it right away. You will get many more opportunities to reveal the same. The idea is not conceal, you should inform the date about it, but not in great details. After all, this new person is not conversant of you completely, so he may have a third viewpoint on what you state in your defence.

Discussing the future in great details

Avoid getting too enthusiastic about the relationship. Express your interest but not to the extent that it becomes a burden to your date. Take some time, to lightly plan out the future of your relationship. Don’t forget that you might have liked the person but he may not.

Discussing only about the date

If you go on asking questions about the other person, he or she might get it wrong and think of you to be a too curious or inquisitive person. So, set a limit of asking questions. Lead the conversation in the fashion that it allows enough space to both of you.

First Date has to be handled with more care than any other meetings, because it is actually the deciding factor for the fate of relationship. Avoid being too dominant or even too docile. Try and allow both of you to be on the same platform as two competent partners, otherwise all you will feel is annoyance and annoyance.