The dangers of starting to date at a young age

Dating Early
Dating Early
Dating Early

Dating is quite a common phenomenon with people belonging to young age, and this especially refers to those who are teens. Although, a common trend yet, it has an unhealthy effect on various aspects of a teen when he or she starts to date early.

Researchers have discovered that those who get into a dating relationship suffer from a large number of issues than those who prefer to wait for a little longer. They are found to be having a series of behavioural issues.

Some of the effects are discussed below:

  • They are likely to get hurt and undergo heartbreak because they are into a relationship much earlier than they could handle it. They rarely understand the equations of a relationship and hence do not know how to be into one. Therefore, they go wrong which is quite likely and hence they land up losing the date.
  • They may suffer from the feeling of being rejected because they may be dumped by a partner who is not deeply into the bond. After all, they are far away from any kind of commitment.
  • The chances of getting into a new relationship or switching over is going to be even higher because f immaturity and lack of commitment.
  • They are likely to get exposed to abuse, emotional trauma, violence and many such aspects which could be difficult for them to handle.
  • They grow adversely in compared to those who are not into a dating relationship at early teens.
  • Experts believe that teens do not have the capacity to judge or to make a decision or to handle a situation because a part of their brain is still developing and hence they land up making a mess.

The responsibility of parents and teachers

It is actually the job of a parent and a teacher to ensure that teens are made aware of the negative effects. As parents it is important to gauge that the child is heading towards such a relationship and therefore he or she should be cautioned. Parents must educate the children and should not allow them to get involved with social networking and internet early in life because there are greatest source of pushing one into a dating relationship.

As teachers one has to take the responsibility of educating children on this aspect so that they don’t fall into any kind of trap without knowing the consequences. So, education and guidance is the sole

Dating is a part of every human life, however, like many other things it has its own time. If it happens before that it brings in quite a large number of disasters in very many ways. Emotionally, physically and even otherwise it exposes the teen to a large number of difficulties which could be detrimental for the teen and for the family too. One needs to be protected from it because it could leave a long lasting impact and could lead to a deformed personality.