The growing atrocity of teen violence

Dating Violence
Dating Violence

A survey shows that boyfriends and ex-boyfriends are responsible for more than 15% of the assaults and physical violence in case of teen victims.

The horrifying story of teen violence

About 30% of the teens who are into dating face some kind violence or the other. And the horror of being victimized continues in a cyclic fashion for many who cannot stand against this atrocity or don’t get adequate support from the required corners.

However, there are many cases wherein the victims refuse to undergo the pain any further and they take the culprit for a task.

University of Utah conducted a survey which showed that more than 20% of the cases end up with physical violence whereas almost 50% of the dating cases end up with some kind of emotional abuse or the other.

There are cases when the victims even die due to such horrifying violence.

Reasons behind teen violence

  • When teens get into a relationship most of the times, it is a new experience for them. And many a times they trust their date more than they actually should. In the process they get too intimate not only emotionally but even physically and otherwise too. The notorious character in the relationship catches upon the weakness of the date and starts abusing and blackmailing the person.
  • Many a times, there is a barrier between he parents and the teens and hence it refrains the latter to share their difficulties arising out of a relationship. Unfortunately, the teen gets trapped in wrong net and has to face serious consequences.

Bill to curb teen violence

House Judiciary Committee has passed a bill unanimously to protect the people and mainly the teens from any violence coming out of date.

The same has been regarded as The Date Violence Protection Act or HB50. The bill would empower a date victim to receive orders of restraining against the abuser. This means that the victim will be getting a protective order in an abusive relationship.

The Bill enables an individual to get a restraining order against a date that he or she has dated only once.

The Bill is probably the demand of the hour with number of arising cases of dating violence. The effort would probably curb the percentage of such violent examples.