The guns and roses of “online dating”

Online Dating Scam
Online Dating Scam

There was a time when to get married or to get a partner was a matter of time. It was also an issue to look for a partner either for dating, or falling in love or for simple dating.

With changing times, the technology improved, the accessibility improved and people started enjoying he comfort. Things came in the first of a “laptop or a desktop” and the internet connection.

Along came the challenges, of using the technology and the saving oneself from falling into the trap or curse of the modern day technological development.

The concept of Online Dating  

In olden days where people had to take time out in order to look for a debt or organize it by taking leave from the office, today a few clicks are  taking them to their required partners.

In fact, you get galore of options when you mention your requirement and choose a person of your liking.

Is online dating all roses and no guns?

Certainly not, any technology when used by a fraudster can create havoc and let people into deep trouble. Online dating is also filled with many tricks which can teach you a lesson for your life. It can leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth and can scare to the extent that you might not get the courage to sue internet for at least some time.

The guns of online dating

Fraudsters are no lees intelligent than the discoverers of the technology. In fact, they are sometimes found to be even more intelligent than the latter.

And the most surprisingly, the fraud and the scam are always not through the “dating sites” only. It can come through very many other sources too.

The sources cheating on “online dating”

Every now and then you must have seen an advertisement on every possible site you browse through. The advertisements have got nothing to do with “dating” though. They are designed in such an attractive manner that your fingers will be bound to click further and further. You will be given too many lucrative offers and payment options that you would not be able to refrain yourself from making a purchase or two even if you actually never wanted to.

The way you get stuck

With every click, you are actually providing more and more details about yourself to the other side, without even being aware if it is a company asking for it, or it a fraudster; after all, it’s all “online”. They procure their information and use them against you.

Not only that, when you log onto an “online dating site” you are asked to fill up a preliminary form and you are also asked to provide certain details without you which many of the options will not be available to you.

Here comes the trap, when you may be asked to submit a certain amount of money or something equally valuable. You do so and you are trapped.

So, next time, when you sit flown on the net make sure that you don’t reveal any of the imprint information without being too sure about the site or the source.